Jubilee of Sipma S.A. during the AGRO-PARK Fair


Sipma S.A. celebrates its 30th anniversary!



We invite you to visit the company's stand on Saturday during the Agro-Park fair.

THE SIPMA GROUP was founded in 1996 by SIPMA S.A. A strong enterprise was established, bringing together selected representatives of the industry, operating jointly on the market of agricultural machinery manufacturers. The consolidation of companies, reflecting global trends in this area, made it possible to achieve the synergy effect. Additionally, the use of outsourcing has helped to increase and maintain quality in many areas of their operations. As a result, the SIPMA GROUP has achieved a world level in the production of agricultural machinery, which would not be possible without the financial potential, modern management methods, a common financial and marketing policy for all companies making up the GROUP, and in particular without the parent entity, which is SIPMA.